Opponents of red light cameras in Jersey Village like to claim that no engineering studies were carried out prior to the installation of red light cameras.  As it turns out, not only is this not true, but engineering studies are required by state law prior to installing red light cameras.

Texas Transportation Code section 707.003(c) states:

Before installing a photographic traffic signal enforcement system at an intersection approach, the local authority shall conduct a traffic engineering study of the approach to determine whether, in addition to or as an alternative to the system, a design change to the approach or a change in the signalization of the intersection is likely to reduce the number of red light violations at the intersection.

Did Jersey Village follow this law and conduct the engineering study needed to review alternatives?  You bet.  And you can read them right here:


PIR #129 – Jersey Village Intersection Safety Site Evaluation Report

PIR #129 – Exhibit – Jersey Village Site Evaluation Report

PIR #129 – Pre-Activation Study