For those who may be wondering why there haven’t been new posts with Jersey Village City Council meeting notes and audio for a while, there were a few reasons.  First, the hectic nature of the finish of the election and a business trip that followed immediately thereafter delayed my posting of meeting notes.  I assure you those will be up very soon.

As for the audio, that’s a separate issue.  The provider I was using for audio has instituted a cap on total amount of audio stored on their servers for free accounts.  I’m in the process of looking into a way to host those audio files (which can be quite large) on my own server.

Also, I’m hopeful that the Jersey Village City Council will be able to move forward very soon with broadcasting video of its meetings online very soon.  After discussing the issue with the city manager, we discovered that we would be able to accomplish this goal fairly easily using funds that are earmarked for this purpose which come from our cable television franchise fees.  These are funds that cannot be used for other purposes, so it allows us to provide for greater transparency without any additional cost to Jersey Village taxpayers.