There are a number of ways you can contact your elected officials on the Jersey Village City Council.


If you would like to contact your elected officials on the Jersey Village City Council, one of the most effective methods is through e-mail.  If you would like to e-mail all members, you can click here and your e-mail program will automatically open with each council member’s e-mail address in the “To” field.

Some e-mail programs don’t like e-mail addresses to be separated by semi-colons.  If you’re having trouble with the first link, try to click here instead to e-mail the entire council.

Otherwise, if you prefer, you may contact each council member individually below.  Clicking on the individual e-mail will bring up that member’s e-mail address in your e-mail program’s “To” field.  Or, if you prefer, you can copy and paste the e-mail into your e-mail program.

Mayor Andrew Mitcham –
Council Member Drew Wasson –
Council Member Greg Holden –
Council Member Bobby Warren –
Council Member James Singleton –
Council Member Gary Wubbenhorst –


I invite citizens to call me on my personal cell phone number if they wish to discuss a particular issue in more detail. I find it’s a very effective way to better understand the concerns of citizens. If my fellow council members ask me to publish a phone number here for citizens to use to contact them, I’m happy to do so.

Council Member Bobby Warren: 713-515-2958 (cell)


You may also contact any member of the Jersey Village City Council by sending mail to the following address:

(Council Member Name)
16327 Lakeview Dr.
Jersey Village, Texas 77040

Keep in mind that council members often only receive their mail when attending council meetings.  If the issue is urgent or regarding your stance on an issue that will be addressed at an upcoming meeting, I do not recommend sending a letter by mail.

In Person

Believe it or not, members of the Jersey Village City Council are very approachable. We often enjoy discussing issues with citizens in person.  If you ever see us around Jersey Village, feel free to stop us and talk to us about an issue of importance to you.

I am also open to meeting with citizens by appointment to discuss issues of concern to them. The best way to set up a meeting is to e-mail or call me (my e-mail address and phone number can both be found above).

Public Comment Period at Regular Council Meetings

You can also speak to the entire city council during our regular meetings, which are held on the third Monday of each month, usually around 7:00pm (some meetings start at 6:00pm if there are a significant number of items on the agenda that month). The dates, times and agendas for upcoming meetings can be found by clicking here.

If you wish to speak during the public comment period, you should fill out a comment card on one of the tables in the back of the auditorium and hand it to the City Secretary (she usually sits on the far right side of the dais in the auditorium) before the meeting begins. You will be provided up to five minutes to discuss any issue of importance to you. Keep in mind that unless the topic is on that evening’s agenda, members of city council cannot comment on that issue except to provide statements of factual information or existing policy.

Because of the limitation mentioned above, I recommend one of the other means of contacting a city council member if you want to have more interaction with them and to get their position on a particular issue.