The City of Jersey Village has owned and operated the Jersey Meadow Golf Course since June 2000. The golf course was originally created in the late 1950’s to serve as an employee-only golf course for the nearby Cameron Iron Works.

While through most of its history the golf course has been financially self-sufficient, questions have arisen in the last several years regarding the use of general revenues to subsidize the course while US Highway 290 construction has continued.

As a member of city council, I have joined my colleagues in unanimously supporting improvements to the facilities and marketing of the golf course in order to help it return to financial self-sufficiency. City council has approved the following measures over the last year:

  • Approval of a social media marketing plan for the city, including Jersey Meadow Golf Course;
  • Approval of an on-going process to build a new golf course clubhouse;
  • Inclusion of a proposed grey water irrigation system in the 2017-2018 budget to significantly reduce the cost of watering the golf course;

I believe that with US Highway 290 construction coming to an end in 2018, and with the improvements made to the facilities and marketing of the golf course, Jersey Meadows is in a great position to return to financial self-sufficiency.

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