As I have knocked on doors and spoken to neighbors in Jersey Village, I have heard the same pleas over and over:

What can we do about all of those car dealerships?”

I really wish we had better shopping, restaurants, businesses along 290!”

How do we expect people to move here when our community looks so ugly from the highway!”

I hear you. I share your concern. And I share your vision for our community. We live in one of the fastest growing corridors in the country. Our freeway access and proximity to downtown Houston and the energy corridor should make us a go-to destination for many prime businesses. And yet, we continue to see industrial development, car dealerships and more warehouses developed in and around our city.

The Jersey Village Comprehensive Plan was developed by citizens and adopted by city council to address these concerns and make the most of the natural advantages we have in the region. Advancing this citizen-developed plan has been a priority for me since day one of this campaign because I think it is the course of action that is best for our community.

Unfortunately, there are other forces out there who do not share our vision. Varied business interests, including developers and car dealerships in the area, want to pave over the remaining undeveloped land in our city to build more warehouses, more car dealerships, and more low-value industrial space.

My opponent is primarily funded by these groups, and they do not share our vision for a community that serves its citizens first. Thanks to their deep pockets, my opponent has 10 times the resources I have to run his campaign.

We cannot allow more of the same to continue, which is why I need your help now to share our vision with the rest of our neighbors.

Will you help with a contribution to my campaign to specifically fund a mailer? Every donation is helpful. The approximate cost to send out a mailer to all residents of Jersey Village is $1,200, and I want to ensure that everyone understands what is at stake in this election.

You can contribute to my campaign by clicking here.  If you prefer, you may mail your contribution to my home address at 15325 Welwyn Dr., Jersey Village, Texas 77040.

Every dollar raised through this effort will go toward informing our neighbors about the importance of our vision for the future of Jersey Village and push back against monied interests attempting to buy this election.