Over the course of the last year, many of you have come to better know who I am, how I came to call Jersey Village my home, and my stance on a variety of issues. As we all know, however, selecting a candidate usually boils down to one thing, “What are you going to do when you get into office?”

Therefore, as early voting begins in just 13 days (click here for days and times you can cast your ballot), I am making the following promises to the citizens of the City of Jersey Village if elected to serve on our City Council:

  • I will work tirelessly to keep you informed – All politicians make campaign promises that they ultimately are unable to follow through on due to a lack of cooperation within government. This is one campaign promise, however, that rests entirely on my shoulders. As I have done throughout this campaign, I will make use of modern technology, including e-mail, the web and social media, to keep the citizens of Jersey Village up-to-date on the activities of our city government. How often do members of our City Council sit back and wait for citizens to come to them with issues? I pledge to you that I will be a proactive Council Member and will keep you involved by communicating regularly and openly with each of you.
  • I will work for all citizens of Jersey Village –  I am not beholden to any particular group of citizens.  My campaign has been, from its very beginning, a grassroots campaign built by engaging with as many citizens as possible. I have reached out to a variety of people in our city: those who are politically active and those who have not traditionally been very involved; those whose homes flooded and those whose homes have not; those who have lived in Jersey Village for a very long time and those who just recently moved here. When I win this election, it will be because I engaged with a large cross section of our city. My interests, therefore, will be focused on the entire city and the best interests of the citizenry as a whole.
  • I will always be honest with you – We know all too well the dangers of a politician who will say and do whatever it takes in order to stay in office. Just as I have done throughout this campaign, I will always remain honest with each of you about my opinions on the issues of importance to Jersey Village, even if that means that sometimes we might disagree. More importantly, when I take office, I pledge to never misrepresent what my colleagues on Jersey Village City Council have said, done or proposed.  Why would I do this? Because my values, principles and dignity are worth far more than any elected office. How we treat one another is far more important than winning an election or gaining adulation. We all deserve respect from one another, and honesty is the key to respect.

You have an important decision to make about the person who will represent you on Place 3 of the Jersey Village City Council. Let’s work together to bring servant leadership to Jersey Village City Council!