Deciding to run for public office is never an easy task. Campaigning itself is tedious. You get to meet many new people and learn much more about your community, but it also takes a tremendous amount of energy, effort and money. Being a public official also isn’t easy at all. It’s often a thankless task. It takes time away from your work and your family. So, then, that raises the question, “Why run? Why now?”

The answer is simple: My neighbors have told me that they need me to run.

I have heard from one person after another that they need elected officials who exercise common sense. They need someone to come in and help guide discussions of important issues in the direction of solutions and not divisiveness. They need a servant leader.

I believe I can provide Jersey Village with that servant leadership. Therefore, today I am announcing my candidacy for Place 3 on Jersey Village City Council.

You might rightly point out that we just finished an election. Place 3 won’t be up for election until May 2017. Why start a campaign now? I believe the citizens of Jersey Village deserve to learn who candidates for city council are well before they vote. I want to take this opportunity to open a dialog. I want to hear more from all of you about the issues you consider to be important to our community.

Between now and election day in May 2017, I will be talking with as many people in Jersey Village as I possibly can. That includes going door to door to meet with each of you, talking with those who come to attend city council meetings, and socializing with each of you at a variety of events in our city over the next year.

My hope is that I will come to better know the community I call home, and that you will come to know who I am and the principles for which I stand. I hope that during that time I will earn your vote.