I am proud to count the following neighbors among those endorsing me to become the next mayor of Jersey Village:

Michelle Anger
Sean Anger
Jane Arnett
Jo Baker
Jeff Barckholtz
Ken Barclay
Sharon Barclay
John Barth
Gayle Bellomy
Dale Blue
Kimberley Blue
Betty Borneman
Jerry Boyd
Geoff Butler
Ty Camp
Clay Castleberry
Evalynn Christiansen
Tom Cochran
Michael Craig
Jennifer Crane
Joe Danna
Brittany Davies
Ceri Davies
Eric Ellison
Barbara Erskine
Dawn Eubanks
Karen Fabry
Mario Fabry
Meredith Fenley
Gale Guy
Mike Guy
Don Guyton
Karen Guyton
Lauren Hance
Larry Harn
Brenda Haverty
Curtis Haverty, Former Councilmember
Eric Henao
Kimberlee Henao
Greg Holden, Councilmember, Place 2
Paul Houston
Cathy Huebner
Mary Huebner
Robert Karlin
Christine Layton
John Layton
Rhonda Lindner
Betty J. Listi
Becky Lozano
Glenna Lucas
James MacDonald
Chris Madere
Bruce Marshall
Marvin Mayville
Scott McCarthy
Lisa McCauley
Dave McGuinn
Kay McGuinn
Andrew Mitcham, Mayor of Jersey Village
Michelle Mitcham
Michele Mitchell
Keith Nevils
William Novak
Mike O’Kelley
Terry O’Kelley
Chris Paulus
Joe Pennington
Brian Prather
Allison Ray
Justin Ray, Former Mayor of Jersey Village
Denise Reaneau
Daniel Ruether
Nancy Roberts
Kevin Ross
Bernadette Roznovsky
Justin Ryan
Melissa Ryan
Anna Saenz
Scott Schubring
Annabelle Silva
Brian Silva
James Singleton, Councilmember, Place 4
Douglas Tickner
Judy Tidwell-Robertson
Albert Vasquez
Miguel Villarreal
Drew Wasson, Councilmember, Place 1

Would you like to join the list of people in and around Jersey Village publicly endorsing my mayoral campaign? Complete the form below.

Thank you for your endorsement and your support!
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