I am proud to count the following neighbors among those endorsing me for re-election to the Jersey Village City Council in May 2019:

Sean Anger
Jane Arnett
Brian Baker
John Baucum, Chairman Emeritus, Texas Young Republican Federation
Gayle Bellomy
Marc Bellomy
Chris Berube
Dan Berube
Joyce Berube, Former Mayor Pro Tem and Council Member
Steve Berube
Vic Borg
Gerry Busdosh
Geoff Butler, Commissioner, Planning and Zoning Commission
Ty Camp, Commissioner, Planning and Zoning Commission
Clay Castleberry
Linda Cochran
Tom Cochran
Meg Crady
Michael Craig
Joe Danna
Ceri Davies, Board Member, Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone
Doug Dodge
Bill Edwards
Susan Edwards
Barbara Erskine
Rod Erskine, Former Mayor
Ann Ervin
Mackey Ervin
Dawn Eubanks
Mario Fabry
Ari Fleitman
Karen Fitzgerald
Michael Glidewell
Joe Green
Andrea Grimm, Board Member, Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone
Mike Guy
Don Guyton
Karen Guyton
Ashley Zeringue Hart
Brenda Haverty
Curtis Haverty, Former Council Member
Ed Horn
Marc Horvath
Cathy Huebner
Beth Irwin
Christine Layton
Titika Liollio
Tara Love
Rebecca Farrell Lozano
Rene Lozano
James MacDonald, Board Member, Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone
Chris Madere
Bruce Marshall
John McCaskill
Gene McGinnis
Dave McGuinn
Kay McGuinn
Malcolm Melançon
Andrew Mitcham, Mayor Pro Tem and Council Member – Place 1
Michelle Mitcham
Kirby Nash
Crystal Kiddy Netardus
Phillip Nguyen
Steven O’Connor
Chris Paulus
Brian Prather
Justin Ray, Mayor of Jersey Village, Texas
Shirley Renwick
Nancy Roberts
Edward Romeo
Kevin Ross
Donna Schattel
Edward Schattel
Harold Scogin
Marilyn Scogin
Christina Sheehy
Frank Sheehy
Scott Schubring
James Singleton, Council Member – Place 4
Lynne Singleton
Mary Hope Stanford
William Stanford
Mike Stembridge
Kim Ling Sun
Shauna Sims Swann
Sonja Tijerina
Angela Tims
Jarvas Tims
Robert Uribe

I am also fortunate to have received endorsements from the following leaders in surrounding communities:

James Rains, Vice Chairman, Texas Young Republican Federation
Matthew Wiltshire, Former Chairman, University of Houston College Republicans

Would you like to join the list of people in and around Jersey Village publicly endorsing my re-election campaign?  Contact me at campaign@bobbywarren.org.